Bespoke Software Services

Bespoke Software Services provide personal solutions tailored to individual software needs, from creating new applications to maintaining/upgrading/replacing existing or legacy programs, or providing complete embedded hardware/software solutions to specific problems.

Whatever your needs, big or small - design and development of a complete new Windows software system, fixing a bug in an old DOS program you can no longer maintain, or just writing a tiny script to automate some repetitive task - we're here to help.

Over 20 years experience with a wide range of platforms (DOS, Windows, UNIX, embedded microcontrollers etc.) and programming languages (C/C++, Pascal/Delphi, assembly language, BASIC/Visual Basic, Perl/other UNIX scripting tools etc.), applied to situations as diverse as system administration, robot control, Internet protocols and top-level motorsport, mean that we are in a position to address almost any requirement.

Contact us at, or by telephone on 01869 245352; we would be very happy to discuss your requirements and suggest possible solutions.

This web site is currently in an embryonic stage, and acts as a place marker for the full site which is being developed: please come back in a week or so to see the full thing!